James Gigante (Director) works to record the music sequence of Polly.
The cast of Polly hanging out on the street.
Clip from the new Interrogators episode.
Thomas is on a trek to find a mystrious guru.
The cast of Polly posing in an alley.
  • Interrogators update

    The cut of the latest Interrogators episode is done. Big thanks to Sarah Fruth for being in this episode. James is going to help me with some music in the episode, and I want to redo the music for the opening sequence. Afterwards we will release it on youtube. From there we have about three […]

  • Check out our youtube channels

    So while productions on our various projects ebbs and flows one thing we have been busy doing is putting up our old videos on two youtube channels. Check out www.youtube.com/gianthousearchive to see our older videos from high school and college. Also check out www.youtube.com/gianthouse to see some of our newer videos and ones where we […]

  • It is Summer

    Wow summer time is always so busy. I mean we think we have tons and tons of time and plan out all these projects, but someone everything seems like it is on fast forward. Right now some of what we are tackling are as follows. – Working on scripts for a new series “Lost in […]