General Updates

Getting Married

So it has been a long time since I have gotten on here but here I am. We have had a lot going on the last year, and things continue to be busy at least for several more months. James got married last summer, and I am getting myself hitched this next summer, so lots of prep and planning goes into that. Right now my big film is my Love Story. It is not my only film but it is the one I am putting the most energy into at this time. Got some new gear, including a slider, for just such a project. We haven’t forgotten about Polly or the new Interrogators (which I hope to be done with in the next few weeks) or launching the new front end to this site. Just that it gets squeezed in with life.

Also James and I will be shooting a documentary this summer for our job. Both of us are excited about that. We will go to Arizona, California and Wyoming filming scientist talking about dinosaurs and all kinds of science stuff that should be fun to film. It is convenient that it will be around the same time the new Jurassic Park comes out too, so we will be pumped and ready to dig.

Also on a personal note, I can’t resist a good memories video, so I started on my Senior year one. Its only been 11 years. Time to get cracking.

Website and other videos update

My latest video projects have taken me down memory lane. Literally, I have been working to catch up a bit with my memories videos. A couple months back I released my Junior year memories video  (2003-2004) and now I am working on a accompanying slideshow. Getting close to being done but still have a few more pictures to add in. Also we are hoping to finally finish the shoot on Polly. Just a few scenes left, and they are studio scenes so dont have to worry too much about weather. Unless the power goes out. 🙁

And finally with the new updates to Adobe Creative Cloud I am trying my hand at Adobe Muse. I hadn’t put too much stock in the program in the past but now it is starting too look pretty legit to me. I have been playing around with it some and happy with what I see. I still want to stick with WordPress for blogs and this news site however I am not apposed to using Muse for everything else. So look for that in the next 10 to 20 years. Or perhaps a bit sooner. 🙂