Monthly Archives: June 2013

It is Summer

Wow summer time is always so busy. I mean we think we have tons and tons of time and plan out all these projects, but someone everything seems like it is on fast forward. Right now some of what we are tackling are as follows.

– Working on scripts for a new series “Lost in the Woods”

– Still and forever working on our website.

– Weddings and more weddings

– Another Interrogators short

– Polly (three shots left to call it a wrap)

– Capturing old VHS footage from a long long time ago.

Speaking a little more to that last point, I have really enjoyed going though some old footage that has sat in my “vault” for years and years. A lot of it is just personal family footage that is priceless to me, but there are also James and my early films such as Star Voyage, Gigante and Huset Special Editions and even behind the scenes footage from my very very first trial and failure at making a movie back in 1994.  I am not sure which of this stuff is every going to see the web, but I probably wouldn’t be too opposed to seeing some of it made viewable. Ok I guess my break is over, back to making our main website.