New Year New Projects

We have started a new year and it is time for me to layout some of the projects I want to tackle as well as look back on what was accomplished last year. So I got married and James and myself both work doing videos for the Adventist Learning Community. That keeps us busy pretty much all the time leaving little time for new projects. However as I have moved into a new house and slowly set up my editing room (still plenty of work to go there too) I have been chipping away at all our old projects. Last year I released a new memories video, finished a promo video for a client and cut together a small Star Voyage moments video. But this year I have hopes of pushing out more projects. First up is a overhaul of our website that I started back in 2014. I am looking to launch that in February of this year so I hope I can make that happen. After that I would love to finish our last Interrogators video (so close!) and to cut together a Star Voyage memories video. After those are done I am not sure what will be tackled next. Lots of projects too look at. Kind of want to cut another memories video or two and also very interested in cutting Fire in your new shoes. A fan music video we did a few years back. Right now I guess I am picking the low hanging fruit. However… I am working on learning some more visual effects software, because you know that might be handy when I get around to finishing some more effects based videos we did back in the day.

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