New Year, New Perspective

I have been slowly coming to a realization over the past few months or so. I have been very mixed up as to what this website is all about, trying to make it into two, three or even four things all at once, taping them together and trying to force them to be one cohesive vision. But that isn’t going to work. So this year, I am refocusing myself on our website, and the content I create here. This site is about creating things, creating art, creating fun, just plain creating.

No forced goals, no forced preconceived notions or expectations on myself other than just to have fun creating and trying new things. Isn’t that what art and creativity should be about? Trying something new, daring to fail, and even daring to succeed. My wife teaches me so many profound things when it comes to creativity and expression, and I am inspired by her and in this new year I am go to refocus this site on the things that James and I and other friends have enjoyed creating over the years… fun.

I already have a new website layout that I love and that we launched over a year ago, but now its time to update the focus. And our blogs layout could use a tweak or two also.

Creating art, stories, fun is what I love to do. I get to use those passions in my everyday life for the most part, but there are parts of me that I don’t get to explore in that venue, so that is why I have Here is to a more creative and creatively freeing 2017.

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