Giant House Vintage Video Updates

So I am nicknaming all our way old stuff that I am just getting to edit as “Giant House Vintage.” I have mixed feelings about taking 8 or 9 or 20 years to edit stuff but it is sure fun to relive some of these old memories. Anyway here is a brief rundown for anyone who may care even a little bit.

Gymnics: The 2008 Homeshow prep documentary simply called Gymnics Show 2008 is very very close to being done. Just recorded and cut narration in it yesterday. After that I have a interview bonus video to do. Both I am hoping to be done with it in the coming month. Afterwards I am looking at editing the 2009 Show which would be my last.

Star Voyage: It is so cheesy but its seriously my favorite thing we have done. Not too much to say other than I have started cutting episode 7. I would love to have 7 and 8 all cut together this year. I also have hopes that by the time they are edited we will have a solution for all the effects. So far I have a pretty good idea of how it will be accomplished and have been working the past few months in that direction.

Conspiracy is also a lot more complete than I remembered, so when I am doing effects for 7 and 8 I will probably work on that as well.

Polly: Polly is all shot now. That feels so good. And it is probably around 65%-70% edited. After Gymnics I will turn on that.

Interrogators: Really no excuse, I have been sitting on it too long. its 99% done so I will turn it out here this spring.


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