Giant House in Quarantine

First off, I thought it had been a year since I last wrote anything here, its been three. Wow. WordPress is really different now. Second, Covid 19 is crazy and I just want everyone to stay safe and be healthy. It has in someways been hard on creativity and simultaneously a creativity catalyst.

One update I have is I finally finished Fire In Your New shoes. Its a fun little music video we did back a few years ago, and you can check it out here. Jessica and Andrew did an outstanding job.

The other thing is I have been moving along with a number of side projects that we did a while back. Are they great? Well… Were they fun to make? Yes. Does it feel good to create videos just to create videos and stretch those creative muscles? Most definitely. I don’t have a fully realized end goal with all of this in mind, and I think that’s ok. I just want to keep creating, keep learning and having fun. Right now I am about done with our second Interrogators short. Hoping to drop that real soon. After that not 100% sure what I will finish next, but I did start cutting an old project that never got to make the last two film festivals we did. So hopefully that one will be able to completed soon and then we will see…

Stay safe!

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